Thursday, June 08, 2006

Last Leg

It's a different world from when I first went to Asia twenty one years ago. I'm sitting in the airport lounge with my laptop, listening to Jerry Lee Lewis on the headphones, gratefully accepting someone's free WiFi network coverage and posting my last entry to Farang Farang.

I'm going to miss the peace of not understanding every single conversation, the warm air in winter, fruits who's names I don't know in English, food cooked on the sidewalk, smiles from strangers I'll never have a conversation with, and barefoot kids playing happily in the city.

I'm looking forward especially to avocados, hummus, brown rice, fixing my pickup, driving my pickup, camping under the stars, drinking tap water, malls, having a printer and hugging my friends.

I'm the same person I was when I first went to Asia, but I am changed, as you can tell by this trip as much as by that trip. It has meant a great deal to me to know that you're there reading my posts and thinking of me from time to time, whether you've mentioned it or not, somehow it matters. Thank you for being with me in spirit.


Anonymous said...

Camp under the stars is my dream for years...

Luis said...

Love the photo. It's the unusual perspective, the unusual colors for a pedestrian crossing, and the ghost people.